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Dear clients,

Please take your time to browse through the delivery methods, terms and rates applicable to your country of residence.   We ship ONLY UE COUNTRY!

After completing the order, you will receive the total cost of the order including the shipping and the payment link on your  email address.

Payment can now be made via PAYPAL IN ADVANCE

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1. Estimated delivery time

Delivery of orders outside the territory of Romania  takes between 5 and 15 working days, depending on the delivery country. 

There may be some delays in periods around national and international holidays, official non-working days or periods around Black Friday. Delays caused by bad weather, airline and transport company strikes, also rarely occur. We kindly ask for understanding and patience in cases where the delay is caused by factors beyond our control such as these. We will always advise you when there are expected delays to the best of our knowledge. 

If you do not receive your order within 30 working days, we are obliged to provide a refund for the ordered products and all delivery costs within 14 working days or attempt a new delivery.

2. Delivery Rates

The delivery rates for international orders are not fixed and depend on the country and weight of the ordered products

Thank you!

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